I am learning goal is to rap in music with Mr.McCallum.

I have learnt how to make a proper rap that rhymes.

My next step is to not laugh well presenting the rap to the class.

Jennifer's Post on Wednesday, 26 October 2016

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Title: P.E. WALT: Run , Jump , and land on two feet. I learned that you have to jump on the mat in a specific way. Here is a example of my learning which I showed off at the Kauri athletics. Next time I will try to jump higher so I can jump further.


WALT:introduce ourselves in Te Reo.

I learned how to introduce myself in Te Reo
I achieved my goal because I introduce myself in Te Reo,here are some of my Mihi lines
Ko Waikato te awa
E waru aku tau.

Next time I will introduce more about my self in Te Reo.

Reading skills

WALT: consistently  read to understand the meaning of the text.

I learnt how to understand  the text probably.

I have achieved my goal by understanding what the text is saying.

Next time i will try and understand the text more often.

ANZAC Writing

WALT write an ANZAC story.

I learnt how to write a ANZAC story.

I achieved my goal because i completed my ANZAC story. Here are some of my best sentences:
The war started in 1914, on the 25th of April the Turks made a huge attack against the ANZACS.

Next time I will put in more interesting words.

Cross Country

WALT run 1 .5km for Cross Country

I learned that you should jog first then sprint at the end.

I achieved my goal because I completed the Cross Country.

Next time I will run faster at the end.